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19 October 2009

Quick Review: Bunnahabhain 12

Living in a state with stringent liquor sale laws is usually a pain.  It means limited hours, and no competition, so every store in Oregon has the same price regardless of location.  Sometimes, however, it works out well.  In this case they put Bunnahabhain 12 on clearance for only $30!

Although there isn't anything about it that is particularly distinct, it is one of those whiskies that does everything extremely well.  It has a great, rich flavor, is nice and smooth, and has a good, solid finish.  I would highly recommend it as a nice enjoyable sippin' whisky.

It does come in both 80 proof and 86 proof varieties, and I went ahead and picked up the 86 proof since, hey, same price, more proof!  As it turns out, if I were to do it again, I'd get the 80 proof.  The extra alcohol flavor takes a way a bit of the smoothness and some of the subtler flavors, but still a win!

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