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So here I am to try, and to fail, so I can learn.
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13 January 2010

Has it Really Been 2 Months?

Yes.  Yes it has.  The quick update is Thanksgiving, Christmas, a week in California, a week in South Carolina, 6 weeks of 60 hour weeks, 1 trial, a failed attempt at NaNoWriMo, my 21 year old stepson coming back to live with me, and, well, a New Year.

So, more on each in detail a bit later, but for now I wanted to post my New Years Resolutions.  For me at least its not the typical half-baked attempt at change that falls by the wayside by February, but more a codification of things I've wanted to take control of and change for awhile now.

(You might notice a theme about use of time, too...)

2010 New Year Resolutions 
(1) Write, write, and then write some more at least for 20 minutes a day.   
(2) Edit. Take an hour or two on the weekend to revise what has been already been written.   
(3) Keep writing blog updated.  Participate more in writing conversations.   
(4) Take the time to be creative. Use an hour or so a night to be productively creative.  Do it instead of just watching TV.  
(5) Get Gym membership and work out at least 3 days a week.  By the end of 2010 be able to do the P90 series workouts.   
(6) Powerwalk the dogs for at least 30 minutes every night, regardless of weather or how "tired" I am.   
(7) Be mindful of eating.  Think about what I am about to eat, and why I am about to eat it.  Make everything I eat a conscious decision. Save "bad" eating for when I am with friends instead of when I am alone.   
(8) Be mindful of the money I spend.  Don't spend money frivolously, understand that there are times when I simply have to say no to going out with friends, even if it might be embarrasing.   
(9) Invest more time in contacting old friends and family.   
(10) Don't shy away from confrontations when they are necessary.  Also, do not provoke confrontations if they are not necessary.  i.e. do the unpleasant tasks that feel like work but still need doing.   
(11) Get the sleep I need.


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